Xiaomi Mi 6 Tops Benchmark List, Leaves The Current Best Far Behind

According to leak, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 has gone through a benchmark test and has scored 210,329! This number is way ahead of what the current generation of flagships can score. The level of performance would be incredible as the device is expected to pack the latest and the best internals.

2016 has been great for the Chinese smartphone maker. Xiaomi launched a number of top-end phones, including the Mi Note 2 and the one of a kind Mi Mix. After all the great devices and launch of the latest processors and other hardware, the company is expected to announce its sixth flagship in the Mi line-up.

The alleged benchmarking score of Mi 6 shows a number going beyond 200,000, which is only possible with the best of the best specifications. The device is expected to have the recently announced Snapdragon 835 processor and would be accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. A few months ago, an unnamed device went through AnTuTu benchmark and it reportedly broke the 200k barrier. There is a great possibility that these two are the same device.

On the contrary, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus sports 3 GB RAM along with A10 Fusion SoC, which helps the device score around 180,000 on the AnTuTu app. So, it is evident that the Mi 6, having the score of above 200,000 even before being officially announced and running probably a unoptimized OS, is going to be a powerhouse.

In terms of features, the Mi 6, going in line with the Mi Mix, will have thin bezels around the display and will probably have a dual-curved display. The Mi 6 is expected to be announced sometime later in 2017, but the MWC 2017 event could also witness its launch.

Via: mydrivers.com