Xbox Scorpio To Be Priced At $399, Says a Report

Sony’s PlayStations may be the hottest gaming consoles in the market taking over Xbox One by a huge margin, the gamers are eagerly waiting for the Xbox Scorpio to be announced. Not much is known about the 4K capable Xbox rig, we now know that the Xbox Scorpio might cost $399, thanks to the new report.

This number comes from Michael Pachter a noted analyst of Wedbush Securities. He talked about the possible announcements at the Microsoft E3 2017 event during his show Pachter Factor and that’s when he mentioned that Microsoft should price the console at $399.

He said that Microsoft will have to price its newest console lower than the Xbox One to have a “chance of remaining relevant this cycle”. He further mentioned that the company can’t afford to “price themselves out of the market.”

Microsoft is expected to announce a few details of the Scorpio console during the E3 2017 event that is scheduled for June 11 along with its pricing. The actual launch of the gaming console will happen later this year, possibly in mid-October.

Assuming that Microsoft does price its Xbox Scorpio at $399, Pachter assumes that Sony will drop the price of its PS4 Pro to $249. The E3 event will happen 30 hours before Sony’s, giving the company enough time to make the competition tougher for Microsoft, he adds.

And in case Microsoft prices the Xbox Scorpio higher at $499, then Sony won’t need to bring any price drop to its top of the line gaming console.

The Xbox Scorpio is probably the most ambitious project for Microsoft as it will be the product to define the company’s position in the gaming console market that it is already losing to Sony PS4. With its 8-core processor and GPU with 40 custom compute units, the Xbox Scorpio is capable of delivering a processing power of 6 teraflops well above the 4.2 teraflops mark of the PS4 Pro.

All this processing power is necessary to natively run 4K games and the 12GB DDR5 VRAM helps achieve that. Its bandwidth of 326GB/s is much higher than 218GB/s of the PS4 Pro and 219GB/s of the Xbox One. The console will feature 1TB of hard drive along with a bunch of connectivity options and audio enhancements with Dolby Atmos.