When will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Episode 2 Air?

The first episode of Rick and Morty’s season 3 came as a surprise on April fool’s day. The season was expected to premiere sometime during summers this year but the makers chose to release the first episode a bit too early. However, the viewers are now left wondering when the next episode will be releasing.

It isn’t the case that the whole season started early, it was the just the first episode that was released after a fan asked for it on Twitter. To which, Dan Harmon jokingly responded, “Happy now mother FUCKA”.

Rick and Morty’s official Twitter account has announced that the rest of the episodes will arrive “this summer”. You must know that the second season was started in July 2015, and we can expect the show to renew during this time itself. But that isn’t confirmed either after all this is Rick and Morty, they could drop the next episode any random time, even sooner than the said time.

At first, the news of the first episode being released a prank for the April’s fool day; basically it is the only day when everyone becomes overly cautious about everything they come across. The third season was first expected to be released in 2016, but Adult Swim couldn’t stick to the schedule and the fans were made to wait for a bit more.

The viewers were expecting a lot from the opening episode and it did manage to deliver according to the expectations. The first episode of Rick and Morty gave the viewers a lot to talk about until they wait for the third season to drop this summer.