VIDEO: Killer Whales Eating A Shark Alive Captured In A Drone Video

There have been almost no instances when an offshore killer whale was shot on a drone, and being shot while eating a shark alive was the rarest thing possible. A photographer managed to film the entire sequence of the killer whales having their meal.

Last week a group of whale watchers made to the sea with Monterey Bay Whale Watch. The group was accompanied by Katlyn Taylor, a marine biologist and Slater Moore, a photographer who work for the company. They got a call from a fishing boat asking if the group was up for whale watching and informed that they got some killer whales around their boat. After receiving the coordinates, the boat with whale watchers set for the destination that was 40 minutes away.

As soon as the group reached the fishing boat, about half a dozen offshore killer whales began swimming near them, another similar sized pod of whales was seen nearby. Moore soon sent out his drone to capture the footage from above.

Soon after, the group saw a killer whale came up in the water with an alive shark in its mouth. The shark was upside down in the whale’s mouth and they were tossing the shark to one another. Experts say that the killer whales were teaching their calves who were accompanying them.

This was the first time ever that offshore killer whales were shot eating a shark from a drone. The sight is uncommon also because the sharks prefer to eat underwater, but they chose to come to the surface because their young ones can’t hold their breath for so long. Also, the offshore killer whales hunt their prey farther away from the shore, hence their name.

Watch the video here