[Update] Xbox One S Gets a Price Cut of $50 Ahead of Xbox Scorpio Announcement at E3 2017

The gaming fraternity is eagerly waiting for Microsoft to announce its 4K enabled Xbox Scorpio console. The company is expected to spill some beans over the console during the upcoming E3 2017 and in the meantime, the Xbox One S has got a price cut from Microsoft, bringing down its cost by $50.

Microsoft made this announcement through their official Xbox Twitter handle but it didn’t make it clear if the price cut was permanent or temporary. The company further provided the details of the discount to Polygon, including the bundles the discount will be applicable on.

As per the report, the Xbox One S $50 discount is valid for Battlefield 1 500GB bundle and Forza Horizon 3 1TB bundle only. The lower priced $249 Minecraft 500GB isn’t covered with the $50 discount.

The Xbox officials are claiming to sell the console at a premium but Michael Pachter said on his show that the high-end console has to be priced at $399 otherwise Microsoft will further lose the market share, a greater portion of which has already been lost to Sony PS4.

A similar thing happened last year, too, right before the launch of the Xbox One S the E3. Microsoft dropped the price of Xbox One to $299 right before the launch of Xbox One S and then brought it further down to $279 after announcing the new console.

The tweet mentioned that the discount will be applicable starting June 11 and Polygon confirmed that it would last for just a week. More details on the Xbox Scorpio, possibly along with its price, will be announced during the Microsoft E3 2017 conference at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET today, June 11th.