T-Mobile’s Massive Promotion Brings ‘Free Line’ For New and Existing Customers

T-Mobile is known for using aggressive tactics to attract new customers. The carrier is expected to launch its yet another promotion campaign on March 1 to steal new subscribers from other carriers.

Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile will be providing a free line to new and existing subscribers. Customers who have opted plans such as ONE or Simple Choice can get an extra connection. However, the condition is these customers should already two or more lines to avail the new line for free.

The amount of data that will be made available on the new free connection will match with the existing plan for other connections. It the plan chosen by the customer does not have an equal amount of data for different devices, the new connection will carry the lowest data amount among the two.  Even though the new line is available for free, it will show as bill credit on the first bill. If it does not appear in the first bill, the following bill will contain two credits.


Although it is a limited period offer, there is no confirmation on how long T-Mobile will provide this new deal. The press release for the offer does not contain any last date for the offer. One should be aware of the fact that it is not available to any T-Mobile account that discontinues a current line and then attempts to add a new fee line. It is also unavailable to customers who have cancelled their connections in 2017.

T- Mobile is already running an offer that allows customers to get two lines by paying $100 if they agree for auto pay. Adding a third line would require customers to pay $140, but with the arrival of the new offer, the three lines can be availed for $100. Each line features unlimited calls, messages, and LTE data. However, if the user crosses 28 GB mark in a month, the data connection will work at reduced speeds.