Steam 2016 Most Played Games, Top Played Games Of 2015 Still The Top Played In 2016

2016 was another extraordinary year for games. However, it was likewise a year loaded with the ascent and fall of numerous new games that overpromised and under-conveyed. Therefore, Steam’s rundown of most played games in 2016 wound up looking practically precisely the same it did in 2015. A year ago’s top titles held their spots as newcomers who began off solid rapidly lost their player bases before the year’s over. Taking a gander at new releases on Steam in 2016 followed hourly by GitHyp, the profoundly advertised and exceptionally dubious, No Man’s Sky, had the most noteworthy pinnacle player. This includes the 212k simultaneous players per hour.

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Here are the most played games on Steam in 2016

Different newcomers, for example, XCOM 2 (132k players) and Dark Souls III (129k players) likewise had extraordinary dispatches. Be that as it may, they just topped at half of NMS’ record-setting number to round out the main 5. While No Man’s Sky, XCOM 2, Dark Souls 3, and others, for example, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Total War: Warhammer all had solid dispatches, none could hold their ground. Furthermore, each had tremendous drops in players that stood out as truly newsworthy. Different past overwhelming hitters likewise stood out as truly newsworthy due to failing to meet expectations. For example, Call of Duty. That game was down 76% from a year ago. Furthermore, Watch Dogs 2 dropped 61% since the last title in the series.

Dark Souls 3 dropped to #21 on Steam. It had a normal of 14,186 players for every hour. No Man’s Sky dropped the distance down to #41 on Steam with a normal of 8,393 players for every hour. Also, XCOM 2 scarcely made the main 50 coming in at #44 with a normal of 7,815 players for each hour. At this point, when taking a gander at the normal players every hour, it was really the free-to-play group based shooter, Paladins, that finished as 2016’s most grounded new release positioning in at #15 on Steam. It had a normal of 22,809 players for every hour.

Source: Git Hyp