South Korean Company Reveals A 13 Feet Tall Manned Bipedal Robot

Everything sci-fi movies have shown us are slowly coming to reality, including huge manned robots. Scientists from South Korea have achieved a feat of making military exoskeletons just like they were in Avatar movie.

Hankook Mirae Technology, a South Korean robotics company, had recently showcased a manned robot named Method-2. The makers claim that the robot is the first manned bipedal robot in the world. The robot measures 13 feet in height and weighs one and a half tons.

The controller sits inside the cockpit of the robot from where all the limb movements of the robot can be controlled. The Method-2 mimics the arm movement of the controller and the results are quite astonishing as the robot does some really complex moves.

For now, the robot can move forward and backward on a flat surface. Since it is tethered by a cable, for now, the distance it can cover is limited. Despite this, the robot is extremely stable, as seen in the video below. Yang Jin-ho, chairman of the company, says that the robot is just a year old and is taking baby steps. It will be able to move more freely just like humans in the coming years.

The company has invested ₩242 billion ($200 million) in the project since 2014. Vitally Bulgarov is one the designers of the futuristic robot. The interesting thing about him is that he is a sci-fi blockbuster veteran and has conceptualized machines in movies like Transformers: Age of Extinction and RoboCop. He joined the company is 2014 and the proof-of-concept was ready within a year.

This suit can be used in sites like Fukushima nuclear plant after the 2011 accident. The designers will have to make some modification to the design to make functional at such scenarios. The cockpit will have to be airtight to avoid radioactive waves from coming in and might have to be mounted on a wheeled platform that has its own built-in power source.

It is expected that the robot will be ready for sale by the end of the next year. The price of the Method-2 could be whopping ₩100 million ($8.3 million).

Source: Quartz