Selena Gomez Talks About Her 90-Day Rehab; Bieber’s Visit Rumour Vague

At the American Music Awards 2016, she accepted an award and gave a speech with an inspirational message for her well-wishers. The event is being seen as the most awaited comeback since she went away for rehab. It was during the interview with Thrive Global that the pop star Selena Gomez opened up about her 90-day rehab period. Later, she also expressed her gratefulness to her fans on social media that they are still on her side after being through all this.

In the interview, she detailed about her experiences during the rehab period and what all struggles she had to go through. She mentioned that she had barred all her communications including email and her cell phone for the 90-day period. Due to this extended cut-off from her phone, she now rarely uses her phone. The time she stayed away from her phone was her most refreshing, calming and rejuvenating feeling she ever had, Gomez further added.

Selena gomez and justin bieber

Talking about Justin Bieber, it was believed by the fans that he was behind Selena’s decision to go through the rehab treatment. It was during August this year when Selena had to undergo the treatment for depression and anxiety issues. The rest of the Revival Tour was also cancelled because of this. But now the fans are raising questions on Bieber’s visit to Gomez while she was under treatment.

Besides this, there many rumours regarding their wedding being planned and even a secret marriage was rumoured. Gossip Cop’s report discards any such rumour and calls it completely false. Gomez’s revelations during the interview also reassure that the rumours were indeed false and were nothing more than tales spun by a few who though they can be back together.