Selena Gomez “Stalks” Justin Bieber On Instagram In Midst Of Shocking Pregnancy Plan Rumours

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s controversial “relationship” has been playing a hide seek since a very long time now. It has been a few months that the constant “on and off” couple has not seen each other, especially the time when Selena went into rehab for her anxiety and lupus treatment. But since past few days, the season of sourness in between the couple has taken a more ugly turn. Rumors are doing the rounds, that Selena is actually “stalking” Justin Bieber on Instagram as “she is not over him” according to an insider.

An insider claims that Selena is so wired up in Justin’s personal life that he has actually become “toxic” for her further forcing her to get into a rehab. The insider also claims that she actually shares dozens of pictures of her and Justin with her friends and is always seen talking and thinking about Justin. A source close to the Lifestyle magazine narrates that “Justin is such poison to Selena,” and further added “Even when he isn’t around, she is still self-destructing because of him. Her addiction to Justin is what everyone is afraid is going to take the ultimate toll. Justin takes her to a dark place mentally, and she really can’t let go.”

The insider also added that Selena canceled her “Revival” tour because of Justin as she was so messed up with the Instagram fight over Justin’s post with his then girlfriend Sofia Richie. In a report, as seen on Celebrity Laundry, Selena had to freeze her eggs before she went into chemotherapy for her lupus treatment, which is normal as every patient is advised with the same. After a while, it might happen that Selena opts for motherhood when settled in her health. Well, we all wish Selena a good health and hope everything goes in favor of her.