All Ryzen CPUs Are Unlocked And Ready To Be Overclocked, Confirms AMD

AMD has been teasing its new line of CPUs since a long time. The line-up will have the most powerful CPUs AMD has ever made. AMD showcased their processors at the recently concluded CES 2017 and the demos were available for Ryzen CPUs as well as Vega GPUs.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, AMD has made big announcements and there was much to talk about the Ryzen CPUs. There are a lot of queries regarding overclocking of the new processors, so the company had a dedicated presentation for overclocking on its brand new AM4 platform.

The company has confirmed that all Ryzen CPUs will be all set for overclocking right out of the box and they will have an unlocked multiplier. As the company says, the entry-level A320 and A300 won’t support the feature because they are unsuitable for overclocking due to certain limitations related to component and cost.

Its processors will be available in multiple configurations and will have a varying core count. The highest end variant will come with eight cores and will have support for sixteen threads. The exact launch date is not known yet, but AMD is likely to launch the processors by early Q1, 2017. It is worth noting that the aftermarket air and liquid cooling solutions compatible with the AM4 will be available from day one itself.

Ryzen has been showcased by AMD many different demos and benchmarks and at all the instances, the processors have outperformed the top-end offerings from Intel. At the presentation during CES 2017, AMD also detailed about its Vega GPU and explained how it reaches its performance level.