Rick And Morty Season 3 Meets The Alien Covenant In A Bizarre Crossover

Rick and Morty Season 3 has been entertaining the audience with all its wits and crazy twists. The third season released in 2017 all of a sudden and since then the fans have gone on crazy with the show. The third episode is about to be released and the makers of the show have recently released a small trailer in which Rick and Morty are traveling the space and have reached the bizarre set of Alien Covenant.

Rick and Morty reach the planet where the spaceship is crashed and the alien species seem to attack Rick and Morty but unlike the cast of Alien Covenant, Rick and Morty appear to be cool with it. However, there is no actual footage in the film but it looks like there is going to be a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in the third episode of Rick and Morty.

More, in the video, Rick and Morty are having a funny conversation where they both talk about drink and drugs further in a way making the thing cool for kids. Well, we can say that it is a clever marketing strategy adopted by the makers of Rick and Morty.

The crossover is as weird and as typical “Rick and Morty” style can be. The whole idea of an uncanny crossover of Rick and Morty with Alien Covenant will be really entertaining for the fans of the show, as unimaginable scenes garnished with clever humor is what Rick and Morty are known for.

There is no announcement on the date of release of the episode so far. Stay tuned with us for more updates as we shall be back with an update. Keep up!