Project CARS 2 Screenshots Have Leaked Online

Slightly Mad Studios has revealed that it wants to release an early form of Project CARS 2 this September. Project CARS 2 was initially reported in 2015. Also, over these previous couple of months, various screenshots were released on the web.

Project CARS 2
via youtube

Project CARS 2 is certainly happening

Our sentiment on why Project CARS fell only somewhat short was on the grounds that it was extended to release on the consoles. Initially, it was only a PC game. Justifiably, it was more fiscally suitable on three consoles as opposed to only one. In any case, it additionally implied the nature of each of the three renditions were underneath that of our desires. They ought to have invested all their energy in the underlying PC version. And ported the game later.

All adaptations required and merited more clean gameplay. Furthermore, they had a few patches. Hopefully, the sequel adjusts this. The developers are not part of a huge studio. The console adaptations were not very much cleaned. Furthermore, the PC form was not also as cleaned as it could have been.

Each of the three renditions could and ought to have been something more. They ought to have concentrated on the PC form first. This was the platform whose users were mainly responsible for all the cash during Kickstarter. And afterward, they ought to have ported the completed game with more care and consideration regarding the consoles. They ought to have done that as opposed to releasing major fixes later on to set them up. Especially, the gameplay. Which is somewhat not very impressive on consoles.

Source: Sim Race