PlayStation 4 Model Coming with an Even Thinner Profile: Rumor

It seems that the PlayStation 4 Slim wasn’t thin enough because Sony is reportedly planning to come with an even thinner console. If the rumors to be believed, the PS4 Slim launched late last year would be an obsolete piece of tech quite soon.

In a recent article about Nintendo Switch’s shipments, the Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes claimed that Sony is expected to release a thinner version of PlayStation 4. Apart from this, the article talks about projected shipments of Nintendo Switch for the first year along with the upcoming Xbox Scorpio that is reportedly being manufactured by Pegatron Technology and Flextronics. The two contract manufacturers also made the previous gen Xbox consoles too.

The report doesn’t mention any other detail about the PS4 Slim console. There is no information when it would be released or what it would exactly be. A slimmer version of PS4 Pro makes sense as the PS4 Slim already exists and the Pro variant might need some slim treatment. This also makes sense as Microsoft is also planning to announce an enhanced Xbox console later this year.

Bringing a major specification overhaul, the PlayStation 4 Pro was launched in November 2016 as a more powerful alternative to the PlayStation 4. It brought support for 4K gaming and improvements to performance as well. On the other hand, the PS4 Slim carried the same specifications as the original PS4 but with a visibly slimmer profile.

Sony is continuing to show strong sales numbers for their latest consoles. In January, the company reported worldwide PS4 sales of 53.4 million while the sales games for the console reached staggering 401.1 million.