More Photos of Moto C, C Plus, and E4 Surface Along with Z2 Force

Lenovo owned Moto is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to bringing smartphones across all the price segments. Currently, the company sells smartphones under three series – E, G, and Z – which defines their respective price segment, with Z being the highest end one. Now, the latest leaks suggest that a new C series is on the way that is going to be a super cheap one priced below $100.

Motorola is celebrating its 44th anniversary and they released a video celebrating this occasion. The video turned out to be a great source of images of the phones that haven’t been launched yet. One of them was the Moto C which would be a new series once launched.

Just a day passed with those images being spotted and now we already have a few more images of a total of four unannounced Moto devices. The four devices that we have the images of are Moto C, C Plus, E4, and Z2 Force.

Starting with the most budget oriented one, the new images of Moto C confirm the design that we had seen in the images that showed up in the Moto video. The Moto C Plus is another device that we are hearing for the first time and the only visible difference between the two is their thickness. Moto C Plus is seemingly a bit thinner than the Moto C and it also has a more prominent camera bump on the back.

Coming to the Moto E4, which might soon lose its budget smartphone crown to the Moto C. Nevertheless, the Moto E4 is visible sporting a metal body, similar to the recently announced Moto G5 series. The upcoming E series phone will sport a fingerprint scanner, a first for the E series, a rear facing speaker, and there is also a tiny Lenovo logo on one of its sides.

Now it’s the time for the mightiest of all, the Moto Z2 Force, which will probably be the 2017 flagship from the company. With the introduction of Moto Mods and Lenovo promising them to remain compatible with multiple future iterations of the Moto Z series, we can’t expect a drastic change in the design language of the phone itself.

The phone looks identical to the current gen Moto Z Force with a few subtle, yet noticeable changes. It now probably has a dual LED flash for the front camera, while the fingerprint scanner also seems to be the newer one that we first saw on the Moto G5 series. The camera on the back is visible to have been updated to a dual camera setup, which seems to be a fad in the smartphone industry. Lenovo branding can also be seen on the side of Moto Z2 Force too.

Source: @OnLeaks (Twitter)