Nintendo Switch Stock News: Company Doubles Production Order to 16 Million

To tackle the strong demand of Switch consoles, Nintendo has decided to increase its production to 16 million units up from the original plan of 8 million. There is a massive gap between the demand and supply of the Nintendo console which the company doesn’t to be able to control ever since its launch earlier this month.

The situation is pretty much like each time the company made a new console available in the market. After being launched on March 3rd, the Nintendo Switch went out of stock really fast and we had even suggested a workaround to get the console immediately then.

It was first reported by The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo is planning to double its production order for the Switch console. The report further adds that the production of these 16 million units will only start after April 1, 2017. Hence, the availability of Nintendo Switch is expected to remain limited for the time being.

Nintendo has provided no official sales number for the Switch; the only thing we know is that the company planned to ship 2 million units this month. WSJ source claims the number to be a bit higher at 2.5 million. Some reports claim that the company managed to sell as many as 1.5 million units of the Switch console in the first week itself.

Nintendo’s last console Wii U was a disaster for the company it could manage to sell out only 13.5 million units throughout its life after being launched in 2012, pushing the company to a loss of 46.4 billion that year. On the contrary, 101 million units of the original Wii were sold, with 20 million units sold in its first year alone.