Nintendo Switch Rumored Price of $250 Is Still Bad, It Needs To Be Way Less Than That To Be Appealing

$250 is a horrendous cost for the Nintendo Switch. As a handheld both the Vita and the 3DS fizzled at that price point. The console’s half and half idea won’t intrigue the majority of Japanese gamers. The Nintendo Switch ought to be undocked and sold as a standalone console at $199 in Japan.

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Nintendo Switch won’t offer well at $250

As a console, this gadget is woefully underpowered and requires an extra $50 on top of the underlying value (controller) just to compete with their rivals. Unless the majority of you will lounge around and play with those senseless separable controllers, $300 is a lofty passage cost to play Nintendo exclusives on the extra large screen in 2017. Lke the WiiU, we will probably see less and less outsider support from Western developers as the framework ages. The convenient half and half idea won’t intrigue the main part of Western gamers. Aside from their own IPs by and large Japanese games are niche in the West and won’t carry the Switch to stardom

$250 is damn too expensive. We were seeking after something like $200. Knowing Nintendo they will offer it for $250 without a charger. In the event that the docking to TV part of it is excluded then the vast majority will not purchase. Anyway, if it’s $250 with a decent pack-in game, individuals may be intrigued enough to consider it. Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think $250 is a fair price point? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge