Nintendo Should Never Have Abandoned The Gamecube Design

In the event that we were Nintendo, we would’ve never strayed far from the Gamecube console design as we would like to think. It sold truly well. Furthermore, that was a period when they had a ton of distributors and designers making games for that console. On the off chance that you take a gander at what PS4 has done, they are beating the opposition by a wide edge.

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Nintendo should’ve remained consistent with the Gamecube plan

We’re stating this from an individual point of view. What’s more, on the off chance that you concur or differ that is fine. We solidly trust that if the Nintendo Switch neglects to meet the objective set out to them by Stockholders and Investors by the monetary year’s end, then we will see a huge shakeup occurring at Nintendo. We mean studios deserting Nintendo. Shareholders leaving the market. This is much bigger than we might suspect. Also, everything comes down to the new console. Does the Nintendo Switch have what it takes to contend in today’s gaming market? This is a question that will be replied in time. We can’t answer this question.

We will state this to facilitate our point. In the event that the Switch comes up short, which we’re not at all showing that it will, yet in the event that it does, we think leaving the market totally would be a smart thought. Furthermore, auctioning off resources will also be a good move. They ought to likewise be concentrating on R&D for Advance Technologies that could help lives. What’s more, they could work on enhancing our lifestyle in some shape or frame.

Source: Engadget