NFL Rumors: Seahawks Seeking Jared Odrick While Parting with Richard Sherman? Patriots Sticking with Malcolm Butler?

A lot has been happening with the NFL trade that involves the league’s biggies. Alongside the actual news that gives us the exact look at the whole thing, the rumors are also contributing their bit. This time it’s about Jared Odrick, Richard Sherman, and Malcolm Butler.

The former member of Jacksonville Jaguars, Jared Odrick is now taking the center stage as far as rumors are concerned. The Seattle Seahawks are quite keen in taking him on board, especially when they are very well prepared to let Richard Sherman go.

While Richard Sherman is still priced high, Jared Odrick is at another level with his steep price. His expensive price was the reason why his last team Jaguars released him and he is now a free agent. Many rumors also suggest that the Seahawks is even dropping the price of Richard Sherman for getting a trade deal. With that, they are now eyeing an even higher priced Jared Odrick.

Some do believe that the taking Jared in makes sense as the team is looking for replacements for John Jenkins and Tony McDaniel. Another possible reason for Jared’s deal is that Seahawks are looking to improve their defensive line and he can also be used as a pass-rushing tackle.

Coming to the New England Patriots, they don’t seem to be willing to let Malcolm Butler go. The rumors say that Patriots won’t leave Butler if they only get 2018 draft picks.

New Orleans Saints is also seeking Malcolm Butler but they are not willing to sign him by April 21. The only way Butler can be a part of the Saints’ roster this offseason is by sign-and-trade option. The trade deal can’t be finalized until Butler signs a restricted free agent tender from the Patriots.