New Clash of Clans May 2017 Update: Boats Introduced, Second Village Rumored for Next CoC Update

Many of the Clash of Clans fans rejoiced when the game got an update this Wednesday. The new things introduced in the update aren’t too exciting, but they pave the way for future updates that are expected to bring a lot more amazing feature.

The Clash of Clans players found an interesting addition to their bases, which is a boat. Supercell has introduced boats to the game and the users found it crashed on the shores of their land. This hints that the gamers will soon be allowed to explore more areas, maybe after the future updates.

Supercell hasn’t made the boat functional yet and it is already being referred to as ‘broken boat’ by the Clash of Clans players in forums. When the user clicks on the boat, it opens a video on YouTube, which gives further hints about the boat.

Do not expect the video to explain every bit about the new feature, instead, it is just a teaser to keep the users hooked while waiting for the next big thing in the game. Mostly, the users are reacting positively and seem excited to see where the game is heading to. The video is attached below.

The interested players have already filled the Clash of Clans forums with numerous threads asking about the boat and what exactly it is supposed to do. The forum moderators have remained mum on the thing and are asking the users to be patient for the time being.

Clash of Clans is a money-spinning game for Supercell and the developers are trying to make even more money off of the players. Supercell will be introducing a second village and the users will be able to play on it while their primary village isn’t active.

We still don’t know when the developer will make the boats functional and when the users will be able to play with a second village. But as Supercell is dropping hints and teasers, we can expect the features to be available soon.