Naved B: Berlin Attack Suspect Identified As 23-Year-Old Pakistani Refugee

The local media of Berlin have identified the man who was arrested in connection with the terror attack that claimed 12 lives. He is said to be a Pakistani refugee living in the refugee centre set up in an old airport – Flughfen Tempelhof.

Naved B, the 23-year-old boy had travelled to Germany a year ago, via the Balkans and was registered on 31 December 2015, Pasau, Bavaria, the local media said. A temporary residence permit was given to him in June 2016 reported the Die Welt newspaper referring to a criminal police report.

berlin truck attack

He was detained the night after the attack. Germany’s interior minister Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière said that he was being interrogated but he is denying involvement in the attack. He further informed that Naved B’s asylum application hasn’t been completed yet. Upon his arrival in Berlin, he spoke a dialect for which no translator could be found.

He was picked up 2km from the scene for questioning and since then he his denying his involvement. German special forces also stormed the Berlin’s Tempelhof airport to question four young men, but no arrests were made. Following this attack, Bavaria’s interior minister Joachim Herrmann has urged for the review of German refugee policy.

The incident happened when a truck was deliberately driven at the crowd in the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. About 12 people lost their life while 48 people were left injured because of the incident. The passenger in the truck was the original driver of the truck who was found dead inside. Karl-Heinz Schröter claims that the driver wasn’t the offender but was the victim.

Die Welt revealed the identity if the suspect and said that he was born on 1 January 1993. A person who knew Naved B says he is just a normal guy. Meanwhile, the officials have announced that the markets will remain open for Christmas shopping.