Microsoft Needs Better Studios Or Else It Will Keep Losing Games Like Scalebound

This is precisely why Microsoft needs more first-party studios. Much the same as alternate organizations who have been in the gaming business for a long time and put resources in all the correct ways. We fail to perceive how any Xbox One fan can damage control this. What’s more, exactly in what capacity can new IPs be bombing so hard under this organization. When they are a standout amongst the most imperative things in the development of this industry. What’s more, Microsoft is so unbelievably money-rich contrasted with its rivals.

Microsoft should’ve tried to maintain distance from a fiasco like Scalebound

The organization Microsoft shut 8 first-party studios in March a year ago. The late terminations at Xbox One HQ have been fierce. Be that as it may, the devoted are damage controlling and acting like all is alright. Lionhead went to the guillotine. Presently we have another major 2017 game crossed out in Scalebound. Which was, in all seriousness, looking like supreme cack from the earliest starting point. We wouldn’t be astounded if Crackdown 3 is scratched off because of current circumstances. As it is rumored to be an Azure registering tech demo rather than an actual game. Furthermore, we’ve seen less of that since its long-term back declaration. We additionally wouldn’t be amazed if Sea of Thieves gets an open beta release in 2017. With the full game turning out one year from now.

Their selective lineup for 2017 is looking progressively thin. Like, despicably thin for a console going into its fourth year. MS is drifting on an “elite” lineup of games that were declared in 2014 or 2015. With various of them deferred, scratched off or just not satisfying the hype. We can perceive any reason why the more obstinate fans are hyping things like 4K Blu-ray and Backward Compatibility so hard at this point.

Source: Kotaku