Microsoft Canceled A Halo MegaBlok Game After It Was Scrapped For Xbox 360 In Favor Of Xbox One

Microsoft’s Halo has had its own share of spin-offs in gaming. The versatile game Halo Assault and the RTS game Halo Wars are a case of the jumps the establishment can make crosswise over gaming classifications. A different spin-off that was evidently crossed out is a Halo Megablok game.

Microsoft wiped out a Halo MegaBlok game

A computer game historian named Andrew Borman, released some film on his YouTube channel. Furthermore, it was including a blocky Chief shooting up other adapted Covenant outsiders. As per Borman, the venture was codenamed “Haggar” and was being produced by a studio named nSpace.

This is another misstep of the Mattrick period considering exactly how enormous the Lego amusements have gotten to be. This would have been extraordinary. Hopefully, Phil will revive this sometime later. This is quite recently more evidence of how horrendous of a job Don Mattrick did while in control. He took the Xbox 360 lead and transformed them into underdogs.

He made such a frightful showing with regards to with Zynga as well. It’s insane how speculators thought his contract at Zynga was certain for the organization. Anybody from the genuine gaming industry could see the calamity ahead.

Zynga is dead now and they helped Microsoft out by taking this person off their hands. Likewise, we think about whether the purchase of Minecraft brought about the cancellation of this by Microsoft.

This is an awfully similar story to that of the scraped Killer Instinct Xbox 360 prototype. Perhaps this was the best outcome for the game. After all, it is a bit odd seeing a toy soldier shoot up the place in a kids game.

Source: YouTube