Here Is When To Look Up For Skywatching During 2017

The year 2017 is going to be great for skywatching as a lot will be happening up in the sky this year. The enthusiasts can expect a lot of action and many planets will be visible from the earth in 2017. Here is a guide to every instance when the planets will be visible from the earth.


This year, Mercury can be seen from January 5 to February 14 as a morning star. During this time, it will be visible in the eastern sky at least an hour before the sunrise. Besides this, Mercury can also be seen during the evenings between March 12 and April 8 in the western sky. Later in the year, the planet can be seen in the morning from September 6 to September 20, and the planet will be in its brightest self then.


The planet will be seen in the western sky from January 1 to March 16 at dusk. The bright silvery light of Venus will be at its brightest during January 30 and March 1, while the best will be on February 17. And for the dawn, the Venus can be seen in the eastern sky from April 3 to November 13.


The red planet can be seen in the evenings from January 1 to June 6, while it will be visible from September 11 to December 31 in the mornings. However, the planet won’t be at its brightest this year. This will happen due to the aphelion effect which will increase the distance between the Sun and the Mars.


Jupiter’s silver hue can be seen from the Earth between January 1 and April 6 in the mornings. And for the evenings, the largest planet of the solar system will be visible from April 7 to October 6.


Saturn and its rings’ visibility will at its best as the tilt towards the Earth be at its maximum on October 17. The yellowish-white hue of the planet will be seen only through a telescope magnified at least 30 power.


It can be best seen during the evenings of January 1 to March 29. While in the mornings, the planet will be visible from April 30 to October 18. Uranus can be seen with bare eyes, but it is recommended to use a telescope as it can reveal the minute details of the greenish disk.


Neptune will remain in the constellation Aquarius during 2017. Between January 1 to February 15, the planet will be visible using the telescope in the evenings. And for the mornings, the planet can be seen between March 18 and September 4.

Source: Tech Times