Korea Investment Corp Reduces Its Stake in Check Point Software Technologies

According to the recent filing with the SEC, it has been reported that Korea Investment Corp has reduced its investment in Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ:CHKP) by 10.5 percent. The number is for the third quarter and has been received from the recent 12F filing of the company with the SEC.

With the total value of $8,498,000 at the end of the recent reporting period, Korea Investment Corp owned a total of 109,500 shares after selling 12,792 shares during the period. Other investors in the company have also made some changes in their investment figures, but not all seem to have reduced their stake, many have increased too.

Bremer Trust National Association has increased its stake by 6.7 percent in Check Point Software Technologies during the second quarter. After this acquisition of 205 shares, the total number of shares held by the company rose to 3,275 valued at $261,000. While Martin Investment Management LLC made a new purchase of the shares during the second quarter that is worth $4,565,000.

Not only these, many more of the company’s investors boosted their stake in Check Point Software Technologies. FCX Investments TX, Hartford Investment Management Co. and Howard Capital Management have significantly increased the number of shares held. They purchased 32,429, 3,364 and 2,235 shares respectively during the last quarter and the second quarter.

Check Point is a known name for developing a range of products and services for information technology (IT) security. Their products are targeted at all kinds of customers, from enterprises and small and medium businesses to individual consumers. Its platform helps enterprises deploy applications such as firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention system, antivirus, anti-bot, data-loss prevention, policy management and multi-domain management.

As per the last released details about their earnings in October 31st, the company did better than what was anticipated. The earning per share for the quarter was $1.13, $0.05 more than the consensus estimate of $1.08. the revenue of the company reached $428 million for the quarter, which was an increase of 5.9 percent compared to the same quarter last year.