iPhone 8 Final Design Allegedly Leaks in Images

No iPhone launch could ever be complete without having all the details of the phone already getting leaked before launch. Even though we are months away from the actual launch of the iPhone 8, these leaked photos show us probably the final design of the Apple phone.

Apple sells tons of millions of iPhone units each year and for that, they need to make piles of iPhones at their factories in China. And for that, they need a lot of time i.e. several months so that the phone isn’t sold out once made available. This time of the year is generally when the company finalises the design and we get to see it in leaks in the form of a prototype device.

The iPhone 8 is probably the most anticipated smartphone of the year and BGR got hold of some of the images that clearly show how the phone would actually look like. There have been a bunch of leaks in the past too and these images make all of the earlier ones stand true.

Apple’s iPhone had a design overhaul due for long as the phone hasn’t seen a significant change in terms of design ever since the iPhone 6 was launched. Being the tenth anniversary of the iPhone we were expecting something great coming out of Apple’s factories.

After a really long time, the company will be going for a glass and metal design, which is being done to incorporate wireless charging into the phone. Glass is much better for wireless charging than metal. Another noticeable thing in the images is the phone’s frame which is seemingly made out of steel and not aluminium.

There are no markings for the home button or the fingerprint scanner indicating an on-screen one. Plus, the screen area isn’t clearly visible on the front, which might mean a bezel-less display. These images should be taken with a pinch of salt as some of the recent reports have suggested an iPhone 7 like the setup on the front with a screen that has bezels on the top and bottom and also a home button on the front.

Its back is just a plain glass surface with a capsule shaped camera housing on the top left corner. The housing includes two cameras placed vertically along with the LED flash and secondary microphone. And yes, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack again.