Injection Developed to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Also Increases Penis Size

A large number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and most of them have tried out almost every cure that is available with medical science but all in vain. This new treatment claims to cure the disease while it can also make your penis bigger and more sensitive.

Dr. Charles Runels, an American MD, claims to have created a cure for the disease that millions of men suffer from worldwide. The Priapus or the P-shot is a non-surgical injection that helps the patients with erectile dysfunction.

In an interview with Daily Star Online, Dr. Sherif, who brought the treatment to the UK, said, “The P-shot increases the blood flow and circulation of the penis and therefore the patient will have a greater sensation in the penis.” “Improving the blood supply and triggering tissue regeneration will increase the firmness of erections and the patient will be able to maintain the erection for longer, improving sexual pleasure.”

Besides helping in curing ED, the treatment can also be beneficial in increasing the size of an individual’s penis. This is a thing that many men secretly find ways for. Dr. Sherif says that a penis responds to stretching more than to exercise and the size can be increased using the penis pump.

According to him, many have managed to successfully increase the length by two inches and girth by 1.7 inches, given that the pump is used for long enough. The patients will see an increase in size while in the flaccid state within four to six weeks and the increase in the erect state can be seen after four to six months.

The procedure is also said to be helpful in treating Peyronie’s Disease that involves painful erections, bending of the penis, and difficulty in sexual intercourse. The treatment will cost £1,000 as per the report.