Hyderabad Techie Who Live-Streamed Sex with Wife Said He Did It for Money

Among the most bizarre things to happen in the world last week was this incident where a man live-streamed himself and his wife having sex. His wife didn’t have a clue about this whole live-streaming thing. The couple stays at Jeedimetla suburb of Hyderabad, India and the husband has been remanded.

Hyderabad Techie Who Live-Streamed Sex with Wife Said He Did It for Money

The husband was taken into custody after his wife, who is also a techie, lodged a complaint with the Cyberabad police when she came to know about the couple’s video on a porn website. This incident took place in 2016 and the complaint was filed in November 2016. The police traced the IP address to find out the place from where the video was uploaded.

The husband is a software engineer at an MNC was going through a cash crunch and was searching for some alternate sources of income. This is when he found out about the demand of male escorts and registered himself on three websites with his phone number posted, in case someone needs his services.

His wife found out this and warned him not to indulge in such things, but he continued. Then in November, she found her explicit video on a porn site, which she immediately reported to the police. This lead to and inquiry and the person who uploaded the video was found in Kerala, using the IP address associated with his Gmail account that he had used.

Ultimately, it was found that the person found the video live streamed on a porn chat website, which he later uploaded to the porn site. The woman’s husband was found to be the one behind the live stream after the police investigated his bank account details and browsing the history of his laptop.

ACP S Jayaram informed that he would play a movie to distract his wife and switched the webcam on in the meantime. He even made sure that his wife was only visible in the entire video. The video was immediately blocked soon after the complaint was filed by the woman.

The porn chat website had 3,000 members who would purchase tokens from the organiser if the liked the video. The tokens were then converted to be paid to the uploader of the content.

India Today reports that this is becoming a trend in the country for some easy money. While the new couples can make between ₹1 lakh and ₹1.25 lakh, while the pro at these ‘virtual strip clubs’ can make up to ₹60,000 in a day. Though, publishing or transmitting a sexually explicit act is a crime under Section 67A of The IT Act, 2000.