Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Updates: Yoshihiro Togashi All Set To Return To Work?

Since the Hunter X Hunter manga went on a hiatus a few months ago, fans have been patiently waiting for it to return. The creator of the series stopped working on the manga after Hunter X Hunter chapter 360, and there is currently no official word on when the next chapter will arrive.

The creator of Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi stopped working on the Hunter X Hunter manga after he suffered from a serious health injury. At first, he felt pain in his lower back, which later got worse. Lower back pain doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but it is for someone who spends majority of his hours sitting down and writing manga.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

Since his condition got worse, there has been no official word regarding the release date of Hunter X Hunter chapter 361. In fact, we don’t even know whether there will be another chapter or not. The silence of the creator and the publisher indicates that they are planning to drop the series. However, some rumors recently came to light claiming that Yoshihiro Togashi will soon return to work.

Yoshihiro Togashi Health Is Improving? 

As some of us know, Yoshihiro Togashi went to a festival related to anime recently. There, he was seen socializing with other manga artists and creators, which indicates that his health his improving. Before this, there was no confirmation regarding whether his health is improving or not, but his mood at the event kind of confirmed that he is getting better. This suggests that if his health keeps on improving, then he will finally return to work on the Hunter X Hunter manga, and will finish what he started. If this is the case, then fans can expect to hear something officially regarding it soon.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Wife Takes Over The Series? 

On the other hand, because many fans have started losing their interest in the series due to the long wait, rumor is that the publishers of the series are now considering to replace Yoshihiro Togashi with someone else. It is said that Naoko Takeuchi, the wife of Togashi will take over the series and will work on the next chapters. Naoko Takeuchi is the writer of the critically acclaimed series, Sailor Moon, so fans won’t get disappointed by her work.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 is currently rumored to arrive sometime in 2017. But that will happen only if Yoshihiro Togashi’s health gets better and he returns to work.

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