Final Fantasy XV Desperately Needs More Bug Fixes, Patches & Free DLC

We think as unusual as it seems to be, discharging extra elements and “finishing” Final Fantasy XV is the thing that they ought to do. Fantasy XV feels incredible. Be that as it may, it certainly feels like there’s a considerable content cut out. Be that as it may, the potential is there. Furthermore, as opposed to drop it and proceed onward, we think they ought to keep on focusing on it.

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV deserves to get more and more improved over time

We envision the developers have a gigantic substance board with what they made the Day One content cut. What’s more, it was the content that they needed to evacuate for the time being until they could finish and discharge it once more. We believe it’s especially conceivable that the majority of the stuff they slice is very near finishing around the edges. What’s more, it simply needs some refinement before release.

We’ve seen many intriguing videos like “Noctis’ capacity to swim” or “Niflheim Exploration”. These, we trust, aren’t red herrings yet indications of extra substance to come and tissue out the game.

When you play the game, you can kind of feel this openness and free-vivacious vibe. What’s more, it appears as though they were certainly going to have a gigantic diverge from a substantial and upheld landmass of Niflheim when you went there. It’s a disgrace that hasn’t made it into the game.

Moreover, Niflheim investigation and further missions ought to be incorporated into the late sections with side quests. There ought to be Regalia Type-F fast-travel between mainlands. Insomnia investigation, more stores, and journeys. Top to bottom apparel customization and weapons. More story for every one of the characters. We have DLC for Ignis, Prompto, and Glad coming. Yet shouldn’t something be said about Aranea, Cor, Cid? More broad exchanges between group members. A kind of director’s cut edition 18 months from now. This ought to incorporate every one of the upgrades and DLC which is probably going to happen.

Source: iTechPost