‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 92 Spoilers Teases Caulifla & Kale As Female Super Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 spoilers have been leaked online. They tease coming up of two female Super Saiyans who will be seen performing their power stunts in the Tournament of Power.

Fans are guessing who the two female Saiyans are coming to the ‘Universal Arc’. They are Caulifla and Kale who come to the tournament on the insistence of Cabba and join the Universe 6 team. According to the below-mentioned synopsis leaked it appears that Cabba plays an important role in getting the two female’s pumped up with their underlying powers.

Dragon Ball Super
Photo Credit: You Tube/AresPromo

Earlier in Episode 89 of Dragon Ball Super, it is seen that Cabba goes to Caulifla and convinces her to join the tournament. Initially, she refuses to come but later agrees. She feels attracted to the Super Saiyan form Cabba exhibits in front of her in that particular episode. It is still a mystery who Kale is and what is her origin?

But one thing is clear that both these female Super Saiyans are coming to the Tournament of Power. Goku’s team will have to gear up against the new warriors joining Universe 6. They have the potential to defeat Universe 7 warriors.

Meanwhile, another reason why Goku needs to panic is because Majin Buu in this episode will be seen falling asleep. He has previously also ditched the exams due to his sleeping habits. As a result, to protect his Universe 7 from Universe 6 Goku heads to hunt for a new warrior. Thanks to the leaked spoilers of Episode 93, fans know that Goku asks Freeza to join them.

Apart from the two female Saiyans joining the tournament find out the official title and synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 here:

Episode 92 is titled as “Emergency! The 10 members are not complete!!” Following are the official synopsis of this episode which will air next week.

“The tournament member Majin Buu ends up unable to participate. It turns out he’s fallen asleep and definitely won’t wake up again for about two months. Goku rushes to Buu.”