‘Dragon Ball Super’ Anime Cast Master Roshi Update: A Filed Formal Complaint Might Suspend The Character?

Dragon Ball Super anime character Master Roshi has been criticized for his uncouth behavior. A newly filed complaint appears to fear the anime from the suspension of the character from the series.

Master Roshi, in one of the recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super, is seen behaving in a lascivious manner toward character named Yurin. In this episode, Roshi is seen trying to touch body parts of Yurin despite Yurin’s disapproval for such inappropriate behavior.

According to Comicbook.com, Japan’s Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) recently shared a complaint. In this complaint, the anime’s title is removed.  But it’s marked air time suggests it is Dragon Ball Super anime series and the character is Master Roshi.

Master Roshi
Photo Credit: YouTube/SaiyanRage

As per the aforementioned source, the formal complaint is as given below:

“In an animation program, there are scenes of an older man touching young girls’ bodies and peeping at their underwear against their will.” It further adds, “These scenes are almost irrelevant to the story. I love watching this show with my child every weekend, but it’s also inappropriate for children to see this in an anime.”

This is not the first time Master Roshi is seen behaving in an inappropriate manner toward the females. His character is seen as someone peeping onto female body parts and sometimes goes wild just in the case of anime character Yurin.

Will his odd behavior lead to his suspension from the current anime series? This is something to look forward as the Tournament of Power will start soon in Dragon Ball Super. Meanwhile, nothing has been officially revealed on the fate of the character.

Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Master Roshi is seen practicing for the upcoming Tournament of Power. He is seen trying out an attack called-Lightning Flash Surprise Attack- on Yajirobe. He even tries to fly out from the tower. But just in time remembers that he cannot fly.