Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge: Win the Challenge to Get the New Heal Spell Early

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the two hugely popular strategy games by Supercell. While the Clash of Clans already has the Heal Spell, Clash Royale is all set to receive it really soon. But here is a chance to get the Heal Spell before it is officially released through the Heal Draft Challenge.

As its name suggests, the Heal Spell helps you restore the health of your troops while they are fighting. You can use it on the troops within three-square radius when they are on the verge of dying and restore their full health. It just costs three elixirs.

Clash Royale Arena reports that the Heal Spell will come in the form of a card and would like a crystal bottle filled with clear, amber-gold liquid like it is in the Clash of Clans. The player will be able to unlock the card from Hog’s Mountain or the Arena 10.

Like we mentioned above, the spell will work for a radius of three squares and will last three seconds, regardless of the spell level. However, the amount of healing increases with every level. At the first level, the healing would be 100 per second and it can go up to 256 per second for level 11.

The official release of the Heal Spell is set for May 1 but you can get it today itself through the Heal Draft Challenge. Clash Royale’s official blog explained that the challenge would be similar to a regular match, the only difference would be that each battle would begin with the player choosing to play with or against the Heal Spell. The opponent is given the alternative that is a choice called drafting when done before the game.

For every six wins, the player will get ten Heal Spell cards and twelve wins will give out one hundred cards. Once won, the Heal Spell cards will appear in any chest. The challenge lasts for a day now and you must hurry to get the cards before everyone else does.