Clash of Clans April 2017 Update: Shipwreck, Multiple Villages, Reduces Freeze Spell Cost, and Much More Coming [Rumors]

Supercell’s flagship game Clash of Clans is expected to get its next major update this month. The rumours of the update are already suggesting some great features that will be coming to the game really soon. This would the biggest update after the March 2017 one.

clash of clans update
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The rumours are upping the excitement for the Clash of Clans April update as the leaked information from the games files say that the much-awaited update to shipwreck will be coming this time. This was much asked for by the users and the makers seem to have finally heard them.

This wasn’t enough for some of the users who did a teardown of the game to successfully extract details about the shipwreck feature. A button has also been discovered by some of the users that allows them to change village and there is no other detail available at the moment about the feature.

In a report, Droid Report says that the cost of freeze spell will be reduced significantly. Brewing Level 5 freeze spell will reportedly cost just 3,500 elixirs after Clash of Clans gets the April update. This is a huge drop from its current cost of 35,000 elixirs.

Heal, jump, and rage are the most commonly used spells currently and the freeze spell is rarely used on T10 infernos and TH11 eagle artillery. If the cost is reduced in the next update, the dynamics of the attack strategies will be changed completely and the forgotten spell to use.

With the March 2017 update, Supercell brought new air defence level for TH11 to the Clash of Clans along with the raised maximum limit on walls to 25. The savagery of P.E.K.K.A was increased besides hitpoints and the survivability of Hog Riders and Miners.

Supercell hasn’t released any official changelog for the April update but the company is expected to give the details really soon. The update will follow soon after.