Children Face Terrible Effects on Academic Skills for Watching TV for Hours, Says Study

According to a new research conducted by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development in association with the Université Sainte-Anne in Canada, have revealed that children who stay in front of television for long hours will have their academic skills affected in the longer run. Also, the most affected of them are those who belong to low-income households.

The future damage can be stopped as parents are advised to limit their children’s television time to only an hour, especially for kids in between 2-5. A detailed report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics can be read here. Andrew Ribner, who is the doctoral candidate in the specialised Department of Applied Psychology at NYU Steinhardt and also is the head author of the study claims that the boundless use of smartphones by kid today have directly increased the screen time for them further exposing them to prolonged damage. Andrew and his team had done research on around 807 kindergartners belonging to different income groups.

Lower school readiness in kids belonging to poor families

According to the results concluded after the research, children exposed to television for more than 2 hours, belonging to poor families are more bound to face lower school readiness. Children belonging to the upper middle-class family were not massively affected whereas children from middle-class families had moderate effects on their skills.

Extended TV time destroys math skills

Research after assessing the children’s social-emotional competencies and cognitive skills, linguistic and math skills reached a conclusion that math skills are the ones that are massively affected. Executive functions are also majorly affected by increased exposure to television i.e more than 2 hours.

In short, parents are advised to limit the television time of children and allow an hour of entertainment so as to preserve their skills from the early age itself.