Carrie Fisher, Star Wars Actress, Dies – 5 Facts To Know About The Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher, popularly known as the actress who played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movies, has met her maker. Fisher experienced a heart attack on Friday while flying from London to Los Angeles, and the medical emergency occurred just before landing at LAX. The 60-year old did not respond to the efforts made to revive her, and she died four days later at a hospital in L.A. on Tuesday.

It is really sad to see such an iconic actress leave our world like this, and we can only hope that she rests in peace now. Fans of Carrie Fisher and Star Wars are mourning the original Princess Leia’s death. In her memory, here are five Carrie Fisher facts you should know.

carrie fisher dies

1. Carrie Fisher Thought She Played Leia Badly

While her fans may beg to differ, Fisher used to think that she was really bad at playing Princess Lea. She often quoted her half-English, half-American accent to explain how bad she was as an actress. Well, we think Carrie was too humble, as she was chosen over a dozen actresses for the role. Some of the big names of the industry that auditioned for the role included Jessica Lange, Kathleen Turner, Mery Streep, Kim Basinger, and more.

2. Carrie Fisher Hated Her Iconic Bagel Bun Hairstyle

All the Star Wars fans will agree that the Bagel Bun hairstyle is one of the most unique characteristics of Princess Leia. But Fisher played that role and didn’t really like the Buns on both the sides of her head. Of course, she never said anything about it while filming as she thought that it would anger director George Lucas and he would fire her. Anyway, she had a love-hate relationship with Lucas and once said,”George Lucas ruined my life.”

3. Carrie Fisher Had Bipolar Disorder and Was Hooked to Cocaine

Fisher revealed in an interview in Australia that she was addicted to cocaine during the shooting of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 24 even though she had been visiting a therapist since she was 15. Fisher survived an overdose at 28, about which she said that she had started to accept her bipolar condition. Fortunately, she sought help and got out of all the mess.

4. Carrie Fisher Had an Affair With Co-Star Harrison Ford aka “Han Solo”

Han Solo was played by the manly Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher revealed to the People magazine that she had an affair with Ford while filming Star Wars in 1976. In a different interview, she said that her favourite moments while filming were when Ford and her shot arguing scenes. She apparently loved arguing with him.

5. Our Princess Leia Was Actually Too Short for the Role, Sometimes

Yes, Carrie Fisher’s height was a problem many a times during the filming of the Star Wars trilogy. In many of her scenes with co-star Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Fisher had to stand on a box as she was about a foot shorter than him and wasn’t visible in the frame if she wasn’t elevated.

May God bless Carrie Fisher, and may she rest in peace forever.

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