Bungie Reveals Bad News For Xbox One Players; More Destiny 2 Info To Be Announced This Month

Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2017. One of the biggest releases of 2017, Destiny 2 will bring in more game modes and introduce new gameplay styles. The new gameplay styles and modes are going to be similar to the ones that became popular with the release of the original game. The developer has plans to reveal new information about Destiny 2 just ahead of the game’s official reveal in 2017. Also, a new Destiny 2 gameplay livestream is planned for this month.

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Bungie reveals bad news for Xbox players

Bungie will go live on May 18th. The Livestream event will feature some special guests from the media and Bungie community, who will get to be the first players to experience Destiny 2 hands-on. In what comes as bad news for Xbox players, Bungie has announced that only PS4 and PC versions of the game will be on display.

Initially, it was speculated that the event will also offer Xbox version of the game on display. But it looks like we have to settle with PS4 and PC versions for the upcoming event. The livestream of Destiny 2 gameplay will be the first major step towards the game’s launch which is set for May 18th, 2017.

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Bungie has announced in its blog that builds for Destiny 2 are being deployed and reviewed. Several bugs are being identified and fixes are being put in place. Bungie’s preparations for the upcoming Livestream event are in full swing. According to the Destiny 2 Community Manager David Dague’s latest tease, a big crowd is going to attend the show. This will also be the very first group to play the game.

“We’ll be live on May 18th. We hope you’ll join us.
You might have noticed that we’re inviting some special guests from the media and our community to be part of a live audience for this premiere. They’ll be among the first players to get some hands-on time with Destiny 2 immediately after the conclusion of the livestream. The PS4 and PC versions of the game will be on display, so you should expect another wave of news, coverage, and content to dig into after the event is over.
We hope you’re as excited as we are. Whether you’re in attendance at the show in person, represented by a community leader, or simply watching the stream from the comfort of your home, we plan to make it worth your while.”