The Voice Season 13: Besides Miley Cyrus, There Might Be Another Reason For Adam Levine Leaving The Voice Season 13

There has been a lot of buzz that Adam Levine might leave “The Voice”, but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet. On the contrary, he has been confirmed for “The Voice” season 12. Now, he is being said to bid goodbye to the show after the season 12, and won’t be appearing in the 13th season.

Levine has been with “The Voice” since the day the show made its debut. The reason for his sudden willingness to leave the show is said to be his feud with Miley Cyrus, his co-judge in the show. While this might be a potential reason for Levine’s decision, there is another reason too. The reason is his wife, Behati Prinsloo, and baby, Dusty Rose.

The singer reportedly wants to take an exit from the show as his family is keeping him engaged. He wants to give more time to his wife and the new-born baby. But the possibility of the Miley Cyrus being one of the reasons can’t be entirely ruled out. Blake Shelton, another judge on the show, is said to be on Levine’s side and they both aren’t comfortable working with Cyrus.

Some sources even claim that Levine threatened the producers that he will leave the show if they brought Cyrus back. While she won’t be appearing in the 12th season, she is the only one to be finalised for the season 13 of “The Voice”. This is the reason for the speculation of Levine leaving the show in season 13.

The fans too aren’t happy with the news and many of them have said to boycott the show if Levine and Shelton leave the show. Levine has earlier too cancelled some of his tours in September to be with his wife, so there are high chances this could happen again.