‘Arrow’ Season 5: Bids on John Diggle Jr. To Become Second Green Arrow? Special Brief by Marc Guggenheim

Arrow has enjoyed a really good time since its inception in the year 2012. Stephen Amell has delivered more than just polished acts and adventure shots aligned for his role as a Green Arrow. Coining to the ongoing season of Arrow, its 5th installment, the hit series has seen a lot of crossovers by Supergirl, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow further tempting the ratings to shoot high and keeping audiences more than just engaged.

Latest on Season 5 of Arrow: The latest episodes of arrow reflect a whole new dimension. An episode of Green Arrow focussing on the year 2046 where John Diggle Jr. is seen as a Green Arrow has drawn a lot of eyeballs to the show. The comics have a different story to tell, but the episodes follow a different track as Flashpoint gave John Diggle a son and not a daughter who was named after the iconic character Sara Lance.

To clear the confusion, an online magazine, Entertainment Weekly took an interview of Marc Guggenheim who is the writer & producer of the show. He says:

“We go back and forth on that,” EP Marc Guggenheim tells me. “That was certainly a notion of ours. It’s hard for me to honestly answer the question without committing to a version of time travel, because in order for that to be the case, then Flashpoint would’ve had to have happened. You start to get into the very, very complicated time travel rules that, quite frankly, I as a writer don’t have an appetite to answer unless we tell a story one day that deals with John Jr., and even then, I don’t know if we would directly address that issue head on. Anyone who watches Legends knows that, by design, we don’t spend a lot of time discussing temporal mechanics — some people like that and it annoys the hell out of other people.”

Since there is no clear answer in this, we still assume that future can be changed and since this is the only glimpse we had of 2046 as a result of Flashpoint, the future is constantly manipulated by the legends of tomorrow, so we can hope for a change. All we have to do to know the next is keep watching the show and keep reading this space.