AMD RX 500 Series Launched; Pricing Details Now Available

AMD another big announcement today after the Ryzen launch earlier this year and we got to see their updated graphics cards under the RX 500 series. When everyone was expecting to see the Vega GPUs from the company, the new series turned out to be based on the yesteryear’s Polaris architecture.

Though AMD didn’t bring the new architecture, there are several updates that make the series a worthy update to the RX 400 series. Maybe, AMD has some bigger plans for Vega launch with the top of the line specs.

Coming back to the RX 500 has been revealed in four variants – RX 550, RX 560, RX 570, and RX 580. The best one of them all is the RX 580 which is the upgrade to the last year’s RX 480. One of the few changes that AMD brought was the increased boost clock speed of 1340 MHz compared to 1266 MHz of the RX 480.

Its TBP has also been increased to 185W and that’s the reason behind the higher clock speed. The new card uses a single 8-pin power connector. While its memory clock speed remains to be the same at 8 Gbps.

The RX 570 comes next after the RX 580 and its memory clock has been increased to 7 Gbps from 6.6 Gbps of its predecessor. The RX 560 and RX 550 are more budget oriented graphics processors from AMD. While RX 560 has full Polaris 11, i.e. 1024 cores vs 895 cores on RX 460, the RX 550 has a cut-down Polaris 12.

According to PC World, the RX 580 will be available for $200 for the 4GB variant, while the 8GB variant will cost $230. The RX 570 has been priced at $170, RX 560 at $100, and RX 550 at $80. The top two graphics processors will be available starting today, while the RX 550 will be available from April 20 and the RX 560 will be available later in May.