AMD Radeon RX 490 Performance Numbers Spotted in AOTS Benchmark; Beats GTX 1070 And Matches GTX 1080

AMD’s upcoming flagship graphics card is garnering a lot of attention. With new RX 490 graphics card, AMD is targeting PC gamers hooked on titles with 4K resolution and also the emerging VR tech. Rumors hint at the RX 490 being either a dual-GPU based on Polaris 10 or the Vega 10 design. And the latest AOTS benchmark results also indicate that RX 490 could well outperform Nvidia’s GTX 1070.

Well before their official release, performance details of upcoming graphics cards are usually found on AOTS (Ashes Of The Singularity) database. Recently performance results of Radeon RX 490 have been spotted on AOTS benchmark.  And the one spotted recently appears to be that of the AMD’s upcoming flagship RX 490, although no such information can be officially confirmed. As mentioned, the new card will be based on either Polaris 10 or the Vega 10 and the card is expected to target 4K resolution and the VR segment. RX 490 top cards will likely have a bus width greater than 256 bits. The pricing is expected to be on the same lines as the GeForce GTX 1080, which is fair considering the fact that this card matches 1080 performance.


RX 490 With Device ID 687F:C1 Seen

The tests conducted with DirectX 11 API mode – consisting of Crazy, Standard and Low Settings – comprised of four benchmarks. The Standard 1080P DX 12 test has been compared with other GPUs. The score for the new card stands at 8400 points, somewhat in line with GeForce GTX 1080 scores. The score has however been deleted now. The fact that it has been deleted all the more points at this being the upcoming AMD’s flagship card. The card appears with device ID 687F:C1, which is most likely the new RX 490 since the existing AMD database doesn’t list any such card. But the card is expected to be a single-chip solution, although the possibility of a dual-chip card in the near future cannot be ruled out.

RX 490 does look top-of-the-line in terms of performance and will likely not disappoint 4K resolution and VR enthusiasts. The images show the new card performing next to high-end GTX 1080.