AirPods Loses Signal (One Side Bud Stops Working) When User Covers Ears

Apple has started shipping its new AirPods to consumers, and various concerns regarding the wireless headset are already being discussed. We recently talked about how changing the battery or replacing bud in the AirPods can be quite costly. Today, a new AirPods issue has come to light, and this one seems to be a hardware issue.


Chinese news site MyDrivers reported a while ago that an AirPods user noticed a defect in the product. The user received the headset and put it on to try it out. He then covered his ears with his hands, after which there was no sound at all from the headset for a brief moment. Could it be a connectivity issue?

The report outlined the process that the user followed when he noticed the issue. He first put on the AirPods and started playing music. Then he covered both the AirPods buds with his palms, following which the left bud went silent briefly for about five seconds. He then tried again and the same thing happened with the right bud.

airpods signal loss

Now no one exactly knows what is causing this problem, but some people are saying that touching the charging contact produces this situation. It may be a design defect because AirPods buds work via wireless transmission of audio signals. So covering the buds may affect the signal reception, which probably results in one side of the AirPods not receiving signals. This is just a guess, though, and Apple is yet to comment on this issue.

In case you have bought the AirPods and happen to experience similar problems, contact Apple’s customer support right away. We’ll keep you updated about this situation, so stay tuned.