Actor Sues Tesla Claiming His Model X Drove Itself Through A Wall Into His House While In The Garage

Tesla has a lot of fans world over for its advanced technologies packed into their top-end cars. Model S and Model X have been very successful in all the markets it is sold and it is rare that the cars have caused any problem. But a lawsuit filed by a South Korean actor says otherwise.

Ji Chang Son, a South Korean actor, in a Facebook post, alleged that his Tesla Model X suddenly accelerated while it was parked in his garage crashing through the wall entered his house. The images of the incident were posted recently, but the crash took place sometime in September last year. The photos show a Model X rammed into the wall causing a lot of damage.

A Tesla spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters that they had analysed the Model X’s logs and concluded that the car didn’t spontaneously accelerate. The data shows that the crash was the result of Mr. Son pressing the accelerator all the way to 100 percent.

In another, a Tesla spokesperson claimed in an email to Gizmodo that Son threatened the company to use his status in South Korea to tarnish Tesla’s reputation if it didn’t agree to make the payment and acknowledge that the vehicle accelerated on its own.

The lawsuit says that “within the first year of Model X vehicles being on the road, and with only 16,000 Model X vehicles in use (the vast majority of which have been on the road significantly less than one year), there have been ten (10) reported incidents of sudden unintended acceleration — a staggeringly high rate of SUA incidents of 62 per 100,000 vehicles per year.”