Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Leaked Ahead of E3 2017

Super Mario did make a comeback but in the form of a mobile phone game and there wasn’t anything for the console players. The Super Mario Odyssey is the next step in the series that will bring the famous Nintendo’s character to consoles. The release date of the game has leaked and the game will be available pretty soon.

Nintendo Switch itself is a fairly new device that was made available in March this year. The best part about the Switch is its hybrid capabilities that allow it to work as a normal console connected to your TV as well as a standalone handheld gaming tablet with an LCD touchscreen attached.

As per the report by Go Nintendo, the Super Mario Odyssey game will be available online and in stores on November 17, 2017. The publication is reliable for Nintendo related news and cites US retailer GameStop as the source of the news.

The leak has happened right before the E3 event where Nintendo has its conference scheduled. The E3 2017 Direct conference of Nintendo will happen at 9 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 13. Nintendo will also organize gaming sessions during the E3 week at different locations and some of the lucky fans will be able to play the game.

If the leaked launched date is to be believed, the Super Mario Odyssey will be made available right before the Christmas, making it a hit game for the holiday season. Nintendo will put some more light on the game and it might also get an official launch date.

The Super Mario Odyssey will be an open-world game where the player will be free to roam anywhere in the gameplay and explore. This approach significantly different from what the Super Mario Run had. Mario will have a lot more to do and levels will also be getting quite interesting along with its 3D interface.

There are almost zero details about the game besides the video that Nintendo released during its announcement. E3 2017 is the place where we can expect to get some more details and Nintendo seems to be all set to make their conference all about Mario.