Google Pixel and Pixel XL Sales Reach Just 1 Million Units in 8 Months: Report

Google already had a successful smartphone series in the form of Nexus but it chose to completely scrap the Nexus lineup and come out with a new Pixel family. The Pixel series of smartphones were considered to be Google’s bet against Apple iPhones in the premium price segment. It turns out that the sales numbers aren’t in line with what was expected and Pixel smartphones are struggling to get an upward sales graph.

According to an estimate, Google has managed to sell just 1 million Pixel smartphones during its 8 months of total life yet. Many of the prominent smartphones easily overshadow this number by a huge margin. The iPhone sales clocked 70 million during the last quarter of 2016 itself, while Samsung has already sold 5 million Galaxy S8 units in the first month of its release itself.

It is an industry fact that Google doesn’t release any sales data but the folks at Ars Technica concluded with this number based on the number of downloads that Pixel Launcher has received. The launcher is exclusive to the Pixel phones and comes as a default on them, so the app’s installer base is basically the number of Pixel phones currently active.

The Pixel Launcher recently jumped to install tier “100,000-500,000” indicating the Pixel sales to have crossed 1 million units. The exact sales figure cannot be known by the app installs as the Play Store shows the install numbers in tiers and not the exact number of installs.

Launched last year, the Pixel series was the first made by Google and came along with a number of exclusive features, the biggest of them all being the Google Assistant. The two phones are powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, and runs the latest Android update that Google pushes to these devices first.

Google designed the two phones to give a tough competition to the Apple iPhone with one of the best cameras we have ever seen on an Android phone, quick software updates, and top-notch performance. But these numbers say an entirely different story with such a huge difference in the sales of the two phones.