‘Dragon Ball Super’ Anime Series: 3 Things To Expect In Episode 95

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 synopsis and preview have been released. Fans are eager to find out what will happen next. Episode 94 has wrapped up teasing Frieza’s transformation into the Golden state to fight against the assassins. Read to know more.

The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super introduced the evil plans of God of Universe 4 and Universe 9. They send their assassins with the hope that Frieza will be killed. If Frieza gets killed then the Universe 7 will fall short of warriors, as a result, they will not be able to compete in the Tournament of Power.

The next episode will come with new twists and revelations. Read to know three things that are likely to happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 95.

Frieza Charges Against The Assassins

Episode 95 is titled as “The Wickedest! The Evilest! Frieza Runs Wild!!” The official synopsis for this episode reveals that Frieza will not keep quiet after the entry of the assassins. He will charge up and start killing them. After all, it has been quite a long time since he had a real face to face fight.

The preview of this episode teases Frieza’s intentions as he says, “I haven’t bathed this body in blood for a while.” This further makes clear that Frieza will fight the assassins.

Fortuneteller Baba Is Surprised With The Incident

The preview of Episode 95 teases Fortuneteller Baba aka the grandma is in a shock. Perhaps she learns about the devastation Frieza does after fighting the assassins. Goku has taken her permission to get Frieza back on Earth for 24 hours. It is not Goku’s responsibility to control Frieza from acting out of control.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Dragon Ball Super

God of Universe 9 Faces Frieza Face To Face

Episode 95 preview also teases at the end entry of God of Universe 9 aka Sidra. He perhaps comes to fight against Frieza when the latter transforms into Golden state. Fans are aware of Frieza’s power. Hence when Frieza destroys the assassins, Sidra himself comes out to face Frieza and fight against him.

Nonetheless, this is just a speculation hence readers may take this information with a pinch of salt.