Clash of Clans Boat Update: Supercell is Releasing a Series of Videos to Tease the New Feature

It all started after the recent update when the players spotted a boat stationed at the shore of their village. The developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell, has confirmed to bring a massive update to the game this May.

Supercell has been teasing the boat thing for a while now giving bits of information to create a hype. When the users clicked on the boat at their village’s shore, it took them to a video that again gave some hints about what the boat could be for.

Now the developer is releasing a series of short videos titled “Captain’s Log”. Till date, three videos have been released and all of them are under a minute long. These videos are in the continuation of the “shipwreck” teaser that came out earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the videos don’t reveal much about the update and we still don’t know what exactly it would be about. The players will have to wait a bit longer to see what all new features are introduced to the Clash of Clans with the new update.

As far as rumours are concerned, it is believed that the update will introduce a second village for the players and they will be allowed to manage both the villages simultaneously. Supercell is calling the update to be a significant one and the introduction of a second village is indeed significant for the game and the players alike.

You can watch the latest instalment of the video teasers below and can also head to Clash of Clans’ official YouTube channel for watching all of them.

Stay tuned to get the latest news on Clash of Clans boat update.