‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 11 Recap: What Happens In Episode 12?

Boruto: Naruto Nex Generations Episode 11 has wrapped up revealing the identity of the ghost. Boruto and his friends are able to fail the plans of the ghost but they are unable to capture the one who manipulates it.

The previous episode of the spin-off series has seen that the ghost attacks the water purification plant where the Class Rep and others are working. She gets badly injured alongside her friends. Episode 12 begins with the Class Rep. Read to know more.

Boruto Meets Class Rep And Naruto

The episode begins with Boruto meeting the Class Rep. She is seen with a head bandage and the other colleagues who also worked at the plant are seen injured with minor scratches. She reveals that thanks to the efforts of the Seventh Hokage aka Naruto that they are safe today.

Boruto after meeting Class Rep is seen in the hospital corridor discussing with his friends Shikadai and Mitsuki about the ghost. They try to track which place the ghost will attack next. At this moment Naruto barges in and pulls Boruto’s ears. He literally drags his son and tells him that he should keep himself out of this ghost incident. He makes him aware that they are lucky to be safe so far. But Boruto turns a deaf ear to his father’s talk.

At this moment, teacher Shino enters and tells Naruto that what Boruto is doing is not wrong. He shows his support for the young boys and this frustrates Naruto. And he quickly disappears from the place.

Boruto Gets Another Chance At Work Experience Task

After failing miserably at the work experience task for which Boruto and his friends had chosen Post Office, they luckily get another chance. According to the Chief Bureau of the Post Office, the postmaster wants to give them one more chance. Upon meeting the postmaster, Boruto thanks him. He also pledges to do the work properly and without any hurry.

Meanwhile, Class Rep is seen still in the hospital bed. She is trying to recover from the injuries. But her other colleagues get a discharge from the hospital and they leave. Class Rep watches them from the hospital window as the other girls meet their parents.

Another Ghost Attack Happens

Boruto, Shikadai and the postmaster are seen waiting for Mitsuki to complete his task and meet them. Mitsuki arrives with a bad news. He informs Boruto that another attack has taken place.  They immediately leave to visit the attacked place but unfortunately, they are again late.

Sai is seen collecting the samples as evidence from the place of attack. Upon reaching back, Sai gets actively involved in learning the details of the ghost attack. Naruto tells him that it’s okay if he is not able to solve the case and that he should not take much tension about solving it. To which Sai says that if someone from the Foundation is involved then he wants to quickly help that person. He does not want that person to be bound to a misguided ideology.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
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Boruto And His Friends Attack The Ghost

Back at the Post Office Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki are seen discussing their next plan. They learn that the attack takes place in the opposite place to where they work. As a result, they miss on catching the ghost.

But this time Shikadai has an idea. He calls all the classmates including Cho Cho to help them by spreading into different regions and keeping a watch on any ghost activity. They also decide to make use of fireworks instead of smoke as a signal to alert Boruto.

As soon as all of them disperse, the Chief Bureau comes and listens to their plans. He starts grumbling about the failure to follow the work ethics at the workplace by the children and the postmaster.

As soon as Boruto and his friends leave the ghost arrives at the Post Office and attacks the Chief Bureau. He starts getting angry and destroys the mail and everything at the office. Boruto and his friends knew that this was supposed to happen and thereby makes a surprise arrival back to the Post Office. Upon arriving they reveal to the ghost that they knew this was going to happen and hence they had to make this fake plan. With this begins a great fight where lots of action sequences are seen happening between the ghost and Boruto.

The ghost causes injuries to the Bureau Chief who is later taken to the hospital. Mitsuki is able to track the mysterious person who is manipulating the ghost. But that person disappears into the drainage system.

What Happens In Episode 12?

It will be interesting to watch what happens in Episode 12. The previous episode ends with the ghost saying, “The negative chakra of the weak hearted, opens the door created by the Hashirama Cell, and becomes the nourishment that will awaken Nue.” It also teases that the time for their dear wish to come true is coming closer.