‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Episode 12 Spoilers: 3 Things To Expect In Finale

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 12 is the final episode of the series. After the success of the debut season, there were high speculations that it will be renewed for another season. So far there is no official confirmation of Season 3 has been renewed.

The previous episode of Attack On Titan has revealed the entry of a smiling Titan. Eren and Mikasa stare at the Titan. Mikasa has a flashback that shows this Titan has something to do with their families’ destruction. Who is this Titan? And what will it do in the finale? Read to know three things that are likely to happen in Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 12.

  1. Eren and Mikasa Will Find The Identity Of This New Titan

Attack On Titan Season 2s finale will reveal who this Titan is. The official synopsis of this episode says, “It is the Titan who ate Eren’s mother Carla on that day five years ago, sending Eren and Mikasa into shock,” reported Comicbook.com.

  1. Eren Will Charge Up Against His Mother’s Killer

The official synopsis also teases, Eren then tries to fight as a Titan in order to settle his hatred and enmity with his own hands.” Hence there is a possibility of a major showdown between Eren and that particular Smiling Titan. Who will win this battle? Will Eren survive? To know this and more fans will have to watch the finale.

Attack On Titan
Photo Credit: Facebook/Attack On Titan
  1. Hannes Dies?

According to Comicbook.com, this episode 12 is titled as “Scream.” It also reveals that the chapter wraps the franchise’s 12th volume. The website further adds that Hannes will take on this beast and Eren and Mikasa will watch this happening from the sidelines. Hannes, however, wants to avenge his best friends’ death but in this fight, the Titan ends up hurriedly gobbling Hannes. This drops a hint that perhaps the finale is going to be an emotional episode.

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