AMD Ryzen for Laptops Coming Soon; Asus Teases a Thin Ryzen Based Gaming Laptop

AMD did announce about its Ryzen processors for laptops at the recently concluded FAD event. The company announced that the Ryzen APUs are going to be targeted at the premium mobile market with their high performance. Just a couple of days after the event, Asus has teased its Ryzen based laptop through a video.

It would be the first time that Ryzen APUs will have an on-die Vega graphics core, announced the company during the FAD event.

Laptop market has been dominated by Intel for several years and AMD hadn’t launched a compelling product for mobile in a while. But with the introduction of Ryzen earlier this year, the company wants to be fully back into the business with their new range of processors targeted at the laptop segment.

In the teaser video above, Asus didn’t reveal any details about the laptop but it is clear that it would be the first ever Ryzen powered gaming laptops. The description of the video does mention a hashtag #Computex2017.

The Ryzen APUs were expected to go official sometime in the second half of the year when the holiday season nears. But with this teaser, we might not have to wait for that long. During the announcement, AMD informed that the Ryzen APUs will power premium gaming laptops, notebook devices, and 2-in-1s, focusing more on design and thinness of the machine.

As per the official stats, the Ryzen APUs are going to be 50 percent better in CPU performance and will offer 40 percent more graphics performance. All this would be offered while consuming 50 percent less power.

It is also to be seen if the Ryzen APU powered Asus gaming laptop will run a mobile version of RX Radeon graphics card with a Ryzen processor or will only be powered by the APU. It would be a great thing if Asus launches the laptop at the Computex just with the Ryzen APUs and prove their insane potential.